Wednesday, 16 May 2012


The video for 'EMPIRE' went up online today, and I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the wonderfully talented people who were involved in making it:

Luke Losey - The director, for having such faith in our music and such incredible vision.

Mikey Leville - For being one of the most pro active and reliable people and producers I have ever met.

Serge Teulon- The D.O.P for having such great stamina and skills controlling the camera.

Nico, Deniz and Tony at Cherry Cherry TV - For their hard work and mind blowing skills in post-production and effects.

Chloe Kerman - For being an amazing friend and the best stylist I know.

Abi Fincham - For helping me not loose my mind when the 'velcro' dress stuck to everything!

Thomas De Kluyver - For being the best make up artist in town and for making me laugh solidly. 

Bianca Tuovi - For being the best hair stylist in town and for being so positive. 

To all the artists, especially Helen MacIntyre, who helped make the set you were so awe inspiring, you built an Empire.

And to anyone else on the day who was involved, it was one of the most special days in the world of Alpines.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do!


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  1. I'm totally addicted to this amazing video! where can I find the lyrics?