Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Justin de Villeneuve

Justin de Villeneuve was born Nigel Jonathan Davies in the East End of London but was evacuated to a manor house in Hertfordshire during World War II, staying with J B Priestly, which was to be a great influence on him. Throughout his lifetime, Villeneuve undertook many different professions; from hairdresser to boxer, manager and poet, but it is his role as photographer that granted him his fame. Between 1966 and 1973 Villeneuve was Twiggy's manager and was fundamental in launching her as the World's first supermodel. Villenueve has created many iconic posters of models and rockstars. Notably, the poster of 'Twiggy and Bowie' from the 1960's.

A collection of his photographs are currently on show at The Fashion and Textile Museum in London Bridge until 25th April:
Justin de Villeneuve: Fashion and Fame. Photographs 1968-1973.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Walter Hugo: Reflecting the Bright Lights

Walter Hugo's first ever solo show exhibits his collection of glass photographs entitled: 'Reflecting the Bright Lights' using a handmade camera with a lens from the nineteenth century. They depict a series of portraits of people who are making waves in fashion, film, art and music. These photos have a disturbingly timeless quality about them; in a mesmerising and unforgettable way. In Walter's own words we are in an age of “the instant, throwaway and re-touchable,” but these photos offer the viewer a moment of reflection. Walter has always had an interest in the original techniques of photography. He also feels that it is more important than ever to master these old crafts, especially as we are now in a digital age which enables anyone the ability to replicate techniques from the past almost effortlessly. This collection is just the beginning as he is planning on creating fifty portraits in total.

'Reflecting the Bright Lights' is available to view online from April 15-July 16 at: www.showstudio.com.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

KOKON TO ZAI A/W 2011: Let's go back to the 20th Century.

The A/W 2011 collection by Kokon To Zai reminded me of the first time I flicked through an art book on the 20th Century. The combination of primary colours and bold, graphic lines is reminiscent of the works of Matisse, Picasso, Mondiran and Miro. The fearless combination of colours; ranging from citric orange and magenta also makes me think of the work of Howard Hodgkin. The colours in this collection are set against flashes of monochrome, making it a very striking ensemble. Both the menswear and womenswear collections sit side by side, complementing and merging into one another. On top of this, an array of textures have been used within each look - there really are no limitations. It is a fashionable feast for the eyes, which is on the border of being outlandishly crude but somehow it works. Forget less is more, this Autumn is all about pushing boundaries.

20th Century Artists

Pablo Picasso

Henri Matisse

Howard Hodgkin

Joan Miro


Monday, 11 April 2011

The Wonderful World of Fred Butler

Accessories and prop designer, Fred Butler, is one of a kind. There seems to be no boundaries with her designs. She creates a world of wonderment in any project she embraces. Below are a few of my favourite accessories of hers. Even Lady Gaga has tapped into the magic.