Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Special: Louise Bourgeois

Last week I went to the late Louise Bourgeois' exhibition entitled 'Fabric Works' at Hauser and Wirth on Saville Row. It marks the last exhibition she worked on before her death in May this year. It showed 70 fabric drawings, most of which are labyrinthine formations representing spider webs and 4 large-scale sculpture works, which have never before been shown toegther. By the 1990's the use of fabric in her work became a more predominant entity:

“I always had the fear of being separated and abandoned. Sewing is my attempt to keep things together and make things whole”.

The Spider and her Webs

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hans Holbein + The Tudors

I wanted to do a chapter on the Tudors because all of my life I have lived near to Hampton Court Palace. I used to drive past it every day on my way to school. The Tudors are fascinating and I especially love the way Hans Holbein captures them in his work. The Tudors have also inspired contemporary designers such as Josie Beckett and KTZ.

The Ambassadors (1533)

Arguably Holbein's most famous painting. This image is riddled with hidden symbols and illusions. Both of which I find fascinating and influential on the songs I write with Alpines.


Here are some more paintings of the Tudors by Holbein.

Henry VIII

Mary Tudor

Catherine Howard

Lord of Morette


Holbein focused on painting miniatures during the last decade of his life. They were small portraits which worn as a kind of jewel or brooch.


Hans Holbein also designed jewellery and these sketches display his interest in using precious gemstones and ornate gold patterns (also known as polychrome enamel) .

Tudor influence on contemporary fashion

Josie Beckett A/W 2010 Collection



Thursday, 14 October 2010

James Mountford Photography

I love the combination of the future, the natural and the tribal within his fashion photography.

Eedweard Muybridge Influence

Alpines Stage

Turner Prize nominee in 2003, Anya Gallacio, combines nature and decay within her work. There is something so captivating about watching the fruits on the tree decay and fall as it stands in the clinical cuboid of the gallery space. The tree seems to have a life of its own as the room surrounding it is comparitvely lifeless and infinite.

The work of Anya, as well as the the other images of trees in this chapter, have inspired the set design for Alpines. In addition, the passing of time, decay and movement of the seasons will play a part in our performances in the future.

Anya Gallacio

Talk Talk 'Spirit of Eden' album cover (1988)

Gustav Klimt 'Tree of Life' (1909)

Changing Seasons

Tim Walker

Andrew Logan Headpiece

Triangles + Prisms

Last night a close friend of mine said that every good band needs a triangle player. We don't have one, but it led to a new found love of triangles.