Monday, 23 April 2012

QUENTIN JONES: 'Art is knowing the ones to keep'

Quentin Jones is a London based illustrator and film maker - hailed as 'one of London's finest'. She has worked with the likes of Chanel and Victoria Beckham on some of their latest campaigns. She is incredibly creative and specialises in a cartoonish style of surreal photo-montaged animation. As a lover of animals, in particular cats, I was instantly drawn to her work. Everything see seems to touch turns to gold. Watch this space and watch her grow...
The other interesting thing about Jones is that she often includes herself within her work, as seen in this image below. She is a model and has been for years since childhood which has no doubt shaped the person she is. As a result, I'm sure it only seems natural to project her own image within her work. However, part of me feels that the self-portraiture may be a reference to the art of the early surrealists such as Dali and Man Ray, who were known to regularly depict themselves in their work.

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