Friday, 15 April 2011

Walter Hugo: Reflecting the Bright Lights

Walter Hugo's first ever solo show exhibits his collection of glass photographs entitled: 'Reflecting the Bright Lights' using a handmade camera with a lens from the nineteenth century. They depict a series of portraits of people who are making waves in fashion, film, art and music. These photos have a disturbingly timeless quality about them; in a mesmerising and unforgettable way. In Walter's own words we are in an age of “the instant, throwaway and re-touchable,” but these photos offer the viewer a moment of reflection. Walter has always had an interest in the original techniques of photography. He also feels that it is more important than ever to master these old crafts, especially as we are now in a digital age which enables anyone the ability to replicate techniques from the past almost effortlessly. This collection is just the beginning as he is planning on creating fifty portraits in total.

'Reflecting the Bright Lights' is available to view online from April 15-July 16 at:

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