Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Justin de Villeneuve

Justin de Villeneuve was born Nigel Jonathan Davies in the East End of London but was evacuated to a manor house in Hertfordshire during World War II, staying with J B Priestly, which was to be a great influence on him. Throughout his lifetime, Villeneuve undertook many different professions; from hairdresser to boxer, manager and poet, but it is his role as photographer that granted him his fame. Between 1966 and 1973 Villeneuve was Twiggy's manager and was fundamental in launching her as the World's first supermodel. Villenueve has created many iconic posters of models and rockstars. Notably, the poster of 'Twiggy and Bowie' from the 1960's.

A collection of his photographs are currently on show at The Fashion and Textile Museum in London Bridge until 25th April:
Justin de Villeneuve: Fashion and Fame. Photographs 1968-1973.

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  1. Un Blog muy interesante,con buen gusto y mucho arte, me gustaron las fotografías , los dibujos y los colores.! Que lugar tan hermoso!. Un saludo fraterno, que tengan un lindo día. Seguiré visitándolos con su permiso.