Thursday, 11 July 2013


William Eggleston is an American photographer who is widely credited with increasing recognition for colour photography as a legitimate artistic medium. He was a very independent character and creative force and seemed to work apart from other artists and photographers. That said, early on his career he got to meet his hero, the photographer, Henri Bresson and he was to meet Andy Warhol in the 1970's which was very influential on his life and work. I studied his career when I was at university and have been drawn to his work ever since.

Many artists are inspired by his photography and Edward Ruscha stated, 'when you see a picture he has taken you're stepping into some kind of jagged world that seems like Eggleston's world'. Although the images appear to capture the more mundane elements of everyday life, Mark Holbron writes, 'the normality of these subjects is deceptive, for behind the images there is a lurking sense of danger.'

'The commonplace becomes resplendent.' ~ Michael Almereyda (film maker).

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