Monday, 3 September 2012


'Early Hours' EP 

This week will be a busy one for us. We release our new EP, 'Early Hours'. It contains four new songs, two of which we have shot videos for.

The EP will be available for a 'Name-Your-Price download' from our Bandcamp and Facebook pages. We are happy for you to download the EP for free, but you will need to provide your email address and join our mailing list. We will use this to contact you occasionally about news, releases and shows. We won't give your details to anyone else.

The 'Got Me Wrong' video is out now:

You can see the 'Chances' video here:

Both videos have been directed by Rankin's film director Vicky Lawton. As part of our collaboration with them we are taking over Hunger (Rankin's magazine) TV's website this week. As well as premiering the video, we will be releasing a video interview and a stripped down live session of Catherine performing 'Chances'.

Also this week, we are playing a gig as part of Vogue's fashion night out on Thursday, at the All Saints store on Regent Street. We have working with All Saints on some exciting projects, and we will reveal more about this very soon...

The Future + The Album

Some of our older fans may be thinking, 'Night Drive EP came out 18 months ago, why are you doing another EP and not an album!?' and a lot of you have vocalised that on our Facebook and Twitter. 
The answer is, we had an album ready to go, but setbacks with our label have meant we've needed to push back album release into 2013. Trust us, no one was more frustrated than us. While we were sorting things out with our label, we kept on writing music. We found ourselves with more music than we knew what to do with, and a lot of it sounded exciting, and sounded fresher than some of the things we had been working on for our album. So we decided we wanted to get some of it out as soon as possible, to show people where we are at now musically. That's where 'Early Hours EP' comes in.

Rest assured we are working hard on the album. We're taking the best of our older and newer songs, making them work together, and we think we're going to have an amazing album for you all in the new year. Thank you for being patient, and we hope you'll still be there listening in 2013 and into the future, because for us this is just the beginning of a long musical journey.

Thank you

Alpines x

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