Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Just Kids: Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

I have just finished reading: 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith, which narrates the relationship between Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. Their story is one of tumultuous emotions and unpredictable horizons; all fuelled by their love and dedication to art and music. For Patti, art is: poetry, drawing and eventually music (I never realised how late into her career she picked up the guitar). For Robert, art is mixed media and photography. The two find themselves brought together one night in the streets of New York in the late 1960's and they never leave each others side from that moment on. It is a beautiful tale which is at times veiled in sadness. If it wasn't for Robert, the music Patti made may never have happened. If it wasn't for Patti, Robert's photos may never have lined the walls of countless galleries. I have already written one song inspired by their tale, but many more could be written.

Some of Patti's drawings:

Some of Robert's photographs:

Here is one of Patti's poems written for Robert:

As there is strength
in blackness
a deep control
a calla flare
grace corporeal
there is a steady hand
adjusting child lace
and bravery's face
in veil inviolate
there is a steady hand
adept in heavens skin
spending into black
where pure hearts
are kin.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Take a look outside your window

Bob took this photo whilst we were recording our album and it inspired me to make this post:

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Undiscovered Masters: Central Saint Martins AW 2011.

Under the direction of Professor Louise Wilson, Central Saint Martin’s Masters in Fashion course has become renowned for nurturing some of the world’s finest design talent. At the recent annual graduate show, AnOther magazine's fashion director, Cathy Edwards, selected six standout A/W 11 collections by: Jenny Postle, Jamie Cockerill, Myrza de Muynck, Phoebe English, Rejina Pyo and Viktor Smedinge. For want of a better way of saying it: watch this space.

Jenny Postle

I actually saw the beautiful knitwear creations of Jenny Postle a couple of years ago, when I went to view my friend Celia's undergraduate collection at Saint Martins. This was the particular piece that stood out to me:

Therefore, I was very happy to read that her latest collection for AW11 has been selected as a standout achievement:

Jamie Cockerill

Myrza de Muynck

Rejina Pyo

The designs of Rejina Pyo are a particular favourite of mine. I think this is primarily because I have never seen anything quite like it before. I love her use of the delicate and flowing silks and the tribal shields, creating an otherworldly contrast.

Phoebe English

In Phoebe's own words, these were the influences on her collection:

'It was inspired by a mixture of things: light, gravity and motion. I was trying to explore all of these through developing surfaces, which would communicate against one another to produce an exciting and active image, as well as something interesting to wear.' The results are very striking. Also, the fact that she has created a collection completely in black makes the textures of the designs stand out.

Viktor Smedinge